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How we lead the course

We provide lessons in the local Arabic dialect (Amiya)

The lessons are transliterated into Roman English

Our experience-based course is carefully selected for Daily Life

We improve your communication skills for office & other social interactions

We build your confidence by making you understand what is being said & discussed around you

Our trainer has a history of teaching Westerners and Asians several years in the local market

We provide exercises for practicing

We develop your understanding of verb mechanism so that you can deliver the right sentences

Our workbook is specially designed with unique techniques to help you in self-learning

We provide recordings of Spoken Arabic sentences available online & through WhatsApp accessible at any time for your practice

Course curriculum

Basics of Verbs, tenses, particulars & vocabulary

Total 400 actions, 50 of them are carefully marked as commonly used

Other 350 are less common, however, they are taught & given for homework practice

Over 200 particulars, which includes conjunctions, prepositions, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs

Over 3000 vocabulary words

Workbook is used to understand and exercise all parts of the curriculum in a brief and very easy manner

Our process revolves around 400 action words which are carefully marked as commonly used in our daily life, these 400 words are in an organized shape. In our Arabic language, there are different types of pronunciations and these types of pronunciations are very important as you cannot develop a mechanism without understanding these patterns, So, these 400 words are organized into patterns, in some patterns, there are 30 action words and in some, there are more. 

And even these patterns are further categorized into 3 sections which are: Green, Black & Blue. The most commonly used words (50) are in the Green category, and the words which are less common are in the Black one, the remaining Blue is very rarely used.
What we do is that we take every pattern and complete its data like past tense, first person, third person.From the first class we focus on the 50 green verbs, and for helping to focus on it we use different techniques

We have made columns, groups, randomly recognizing and learning them by heart and this practice goes on in every class. We hand out these verbs in the shape of columns, groups, sheets and even in the shape of play-cards so you can play it like a game to make it more interesting.
In the first part of our course you get a total command over these green verbs and the result is that you are totally sure about their tenses, forms, first person, third person, etc.

And by using some given vocabulary you can make any sentence and deliver it with confidence, practice is a basic part of our course so we provide practicing session with our trainer and his team, and it is very important that you send us your voice recordings so that we can correct you and thus your confidence is boosted.

These are our 50 green verbs…To call, To translate, To send, To forget, To write, To-do, To deal, To be late, To come back, To put, To try, To give back, To believe, To enter, To reply, To go, To close, To agree, To expect, To take,To come, To understand, To talk, To work, To ask,To buy, To explain, To use, To deliver, To sit, To learn, To see, To Recognize, To give, Till now, To carry, To come out, To be capable, To seem, To help, To tell, To bring, To start, To think, To say, To leave/let, To stay in touch, To travel, To drink, To know..And 350 are the rest of them.