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How It Works

One on one, 70 Days Complete Training Plan

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Transformed Curriculum

A full curriculum completely converted into Roman (No need for Arabic alphabets)

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Reduced Complexity

We have reduced complex grammar rules in our curriculum by up to 90%

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Everything You Need

Selected and targeted useful data chosen in 12 years of teaching hundreds of expats

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Unique Techniques

We made it easy for a beginner to understand and use data through unique techniques

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1 on 1 on Zoom

20 Live classes & 50 practice days. You can also try the recorded course for 550 SAR only

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Daily learning

In addition to classes, you will prepare upcoming lessons with the trainer through short videos

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Free live support

After completing the course, you can ask for help for up to 6 months directly through WhatsApp

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Free live support

Get 50% discount and pay only 3500 SAR instead of 7000 SAR for the complete training plan