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For centuries, the Arabic language had to be presented in a simple form so that non-natives could learn to speak Arabic without having to worry too much about grammar. Just as Mandarin (the old Chinese language) was difficult, so Pin Yin (the new Chinese language with the English alphabet) was introduced to make it easier for outsiders to learn. After years of constant efforts, we have been able to teach Arabic language, Urdu/Hindi, and English speakers easily through short courses by the grace of Allah, we have made this difficult task easy for the whole world and left the old traditional ways behind.

The long and boring traditional way of learning Arabic is no longer required to converse with Arabs

What is the new way of learning to speak Arabic with us?

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Easy Curriculum

All the verbs and sentences used in this course are transliterated into Roman alphabet. Even those who do not know a word of Arabic can easily do this course

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Less complexity

In our syllabus, complex Nahw and Sarf rules are not included. Very little grammar is used which barely makes up 10% of total Arabic grammar

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Everything You Need

Each word and verb used in this course has been selected from 12 years of experience of teaching hundreds of foreigners.

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Unique Techniques

Our style is completely different from others. We made the course easy to follow through our unique techniques for any average person starting from zero.

Very few Arabic learners are aware that Arabic has 3 types. And if you want to learn to speak Arabic you should know the difference and which one you need?

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Traditional Arabic

Traditional Arabic uses complete grammar and is mostly used for reading and writing. Only newsreaders and Friday sermons are given in traditional Arabic. Learning this for many years is not helpful in spoken Arabic.

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Spoken Arabic

In all Arab countries spoken Arabic is used with different dialects for conversation which requires less grammar. In our course Saudi common dialect is used which is very close to the original Arabic.

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Slang Arabic

There is no point in talking about this false Arabic made up of broken phrases which Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis use to fulfil their linguistic needs without considering its impact on their dignity.

What is Sarf and Nahw in Arabic grammar? And how much do we need it in our course for communication in Arabic?

The Knowledge of Sarf

Knowledge of Sarf is the knowledge in which we learn to recognize verbs and nouns and their change to different times and forms, we also learn to change them from one form to another. With Sarf we can read Arabic words correctly

This course covers 20% of the basic rules of Sarf, which are sufficient to form a sentence correctly.

The Knowledge of Nahw

In the knowledge of Nahw the technique of forming a sentence by combining nouns, verbs and letters and the condition of the last letter of each word is known. In traditional Arabic, the sound on the last letter of every word must be pronounced clearly. Nahw is a very complex and broad part of Arabic grammar

Only 5% of Nahw fulfils the need of this course. Complex grammar is sidelined and simplified.

Why do we need to practice verbs a lot in spoken Arabic?

Spec​ific predefined structures for verbs

In Arabic, there are specific predefined structures for verbs. And we must use each verb with its relevant structure. Using a verb without its structure is considered a big mistake in both traditional Arabic and spoken Arabic. So we need to understand and memorize these structures to successfully create and speak sentences.

One verb tells us 5 things about a sentence

The verb is also important in Arabic because they define more than one element like singular/plural, masculine/feminine, kind of person, time, and action. For example in Arabic when we say 'kataba' (he wrote), this one word describes third person, singular, masculine, past tense, and means 'writing' all at once.

With 50 verbs you can cover all structures

Along with important nouns, we selected more than 400 commonly used verbs for this course, examples are: to write, to read, to eat, to drink, to say, to listen, to work, to sit, to stand, etc. But we don’t need all 400 of them when starting, instead we start with just 50 verbs. And these first 50 verbs help us understand and memorize the verb structures.

Our Courses

Free course in 101 languages

These are the most commonly used basic Arabic phrases recorded in the local dialect. These sentences have been translated into 101 languages for visitors from all over the world. Thousands of people from 150 countries who speak 46 different languages have benefited from this course. This material is very useful for people visiting an Arab country.

CHAT Short course (Recorded)

A good phrase spoken in front of an Arab in his own accent can make his mood pleasant. In addition to the 2,000 vocabulary words in this course, we teach such 600 useful phrases that even learning half of them can make your life much easier in Saudi Arabia.

SAFT (Recorded)

I started teaching Arabic language courses in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2010. At that time, I used to speak very good Arabic in the local dialect but taught people grammatical Arabic. People protested that I teach them the Arabic which they can speak with Arabs in office, bazaar or in different institutions. The journey of adapting grammatical Arabic to spoken Arabic according to the needs of the people continued for seven or eight years in which people of different nationalities were taught this course in groups. At the end of 2018, with two students who wanted to do the course, I recorded this course in such a way that the maximum number of questions would be answered and the course I created would be completely covered. This course provides all the needed material such as workbooks and various sheets that you can download at any time. Anyone can ask me any questions on WhatsApp directly during the three months after buying the course. With the 30 day guarantee of this course you can always refund your money through the website.

One to one complete speaking training

This is the course for you if you want the teacher to be with you all the time in the whole process of learning and speaking Arabic. The solutions of all the problems you might face during and after the course are in this one-to-one program. One of the things that will help you reduce your hesitation and make your speech fluent is the constant guidance of the teacher, especially during and after the course. This can be said to be the main goal of any spoken course. Each new lesson is sent to you via WhatsApp in the form of short audio and videos that you memorize by practicing with the teacher on a daily basis. Twice a week or more new things are discussed via video call. The duration of the course is ten weeks. After the completion of the course, you get the support of the teacher by practicing the course for three more months. This program does not include face-to-face classes. 3600 should be paid in advance

Our Money Back Guarantee Protects your four concerns

All three levels in One level

All three levels (Beginner/Intermediate/Advance) will be covered in One level

Average I.Q. person can do the course

Even three levels are combined; average I.Q.person can do the course

Get your money back If not able to speak

If not able to speak in Arabic after completing the course

You do not need any spoken Arabic course after this course

Yes! You do not need any spoken Arabic course after this course

One on one, 180 days complete training plan

6 month training plan in 3600, costs only 600 monthly

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1 on 1 on Zoom

On demand live classes!
You can also try the recorded course for 600 SAR only

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Daily learning

In addition to classes, you will prepare upcoming lessons with the trainer through short videos

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Free live support

After completing the course, you can ask for help for up to 6 months directly through WhatsApp

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3600 SAR Only

Get 52% discount and pay only 3600 SAR instead of 7500 SAR for the complete training plan


Who am I? And how did I set up this course?

A picture of the creator of ArabicFast: Sultan Suboor


I am Sultan, your spoken Arabic trainer. I will make you able to speak Arabic in just 90 days!

My name is Sultan, and I have 28 years of experience with Arabic and I have a bachelor’s degree in the Arabic Language, At the start of my journey when I was learning it, I became fluent in the grammatical Accent by practicing it with my University colleagues and I had a big interest in deep Arabic grammar & poetry. I also got a chance to teach Arabic literature for 2 years in the same University from where I graduated.

Read More…

So, when I thought of coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time, I believed that I will not encounter any problems in communications and handling situations. But, as soon as I landed here I was surprised, the language which was spoken here was completely different and I was in such a situation where I could not even understand someone’s single sentence and I was not able to convey what I wanted to say because I did not have the knowledge of specific words and accent which was used in spoken Arabic.

All these things happened even though I was fluent in grammatical Arabic. So here you can understand the difference between the spoken and grammatical way.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I spent one year understanding the accent of locals and it took five more years for me to become able to deliver it. And it became possible because a large portion like 12 years of my life was spent with Saudis. All these long years me and my family were living away from the city and we were the only expats there. So, all that time I had to deal & talk with them in their accent because it was my job to teach them.

I picked up all spoken words and sentences from their communication keeping the original shape in mind and every day and night, my grammatical skills were with me. I think you will agree that 12 years is not a short duration to achieve a goal.

Then I started teaching Arabic to expats in 2010 and at that time I was teaching what I had learned in the beginning, which means, grammatical Arabic which is also known as Fusha.

But in my first year of teaching Arabic, I realized that people need Arabic which they can speak in the market, on the road with cops & in simple conversations with Arab colleagues. Fusha can help you in reading & writing or understanding the grammatical way but no more than that.

Then I decided to teach spoken Arabic to expats. The problem was, there was no material available supporting the spoken path. But I continued my teaching AND I started developing my own material.

Every few months, during every batch, I observed the need of people, what sentence and word is their requirement in which situation, and what kind of situations they might face. Then I tried to fulfill their needs by choosing that sentence or word from what I had learned in those 12 years.

This process of making an intellectual curriculum kept on going for 7 – 8 years until a time came when I looked back and saw that I am able to make people stand closer to the level which I had achieved in 25 years…

In the end, I would say that I don’t claim that my courses will make you able to read & write everything in Arabic. But, it will completely fulfill your spoken needs and still, it can become a base for your grammatical Arabic and help you understand about 35% of the grammatical method after practicing

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If you want to ask for details by calling me instead of reading and understanding the given information

If you are not satisfied with the information provided on the website

If you want a free demo class

If you want more discount or want to pay in installments

So know very well that this course is not suitable for you please do not call or message us

And please don’t call or message us until you really intend to start the course and understand all the details of the course. Don’t waste your time and ours. Thanks

This course is not for low-courage and non-serious people

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” - Nelson Mandela

If you are looking for your good luck in Saudi Arabia we can help you reach the hearts of local citizens