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Our Courses

Our Courses

Basic spoken Arabic in 101 languages

These are commonly used basic Arabic sentences recorded in the local dialect. These sentences have been translated to 101 languages and students from around 150 countries have enrolled in it. The material is quite beneficial for people visiting an Arab country

CHAT Short course (Recorded)

CHAT is an amazing selection of words and sentences spoken in Saudi Arabia in which about 20 topics are covered. Memorizing and practicing these sentences can make your dealings a lot easier

SAFT (Recorded)

Our main course Spoken Arabic on Fast Track (SAFT). It is a complete mechanism and requires some time to benefit from. We have recorded this course in a student teacher environment for any common person who wants to spend less but still gain a lot. And we recorded it in such a way that most common questions have been answered. Complete downloadable material is available with the course. And if you have any confusion you can directly contact the teacher through WhatsApp and ask your question. SAFT Recorded is now available for 30% off for 525 SAR with lifetime access. You can revise it anytime.

SAFT one on one complete training plan

This is the real way of learning spoken Arabic in which you will get support and guidance from the teacher daily. You will get daily material and lessons for practice and you will send it through voice messages. You will need a minimum of 1 hour daily. The number of live classes is 20. And after completing the course the teacher will be available for your guidance for up to 6 months. You can ask and discuss your problem or confusion with him. It is now available for 30% off for 5250 SAR